NexJ Scheme Community

The success of the NexJ Scheme project depends entirely on its community members. We welcome and encourage participation by students, hobbyists and developers alike. Join our discussions on the forums!

New to NexJ Scheme?

A good starting place is the Open Discussion forum. Please drop a note and let us know what your interest is in NexJ Scheme.

Want to work with Scheme?

The Talking Scheme forum is where Scheme developers can discuss anything and everything having to do with writing Scheme code, working with Scheme libraries, etc.

Want to understand and develop the NexJ Scheme engine?

The NexJ Scheme engine forum is where we will discuss the internal workings and code architecture within the NexJ Scheme engine. Much of the discussion here will involve code written in Java to support the execution of Scheme.

Working with Eclipse Modeling Framework?

For those working with EMF, the Adapter for Ecore forum is where we discuss using and developing the NexJ Scheme Adapter for Ecore that allows you to provide business logic directly in your EMF model and evaluate it during validation.

Beyond the discussions

Browse the details of the NexJ Scheme project on Get nexj-scheme at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads.