Introduction to NexJ Scheme

NexJ Scheme is the open source project by NexJ Systems that provides an efficient and powerful interpreter for the Scheme programming language that executes in a Java virtual machine.

NexJ Scheme is the scripting language within the NexJ Application Framework. Application developers use NexJ Scheme when modeling business rules, calculated attributes, validation constraints, data and UI event handling, and more.

NexJ Scheme offers:

Getting Started

Getting started with NexJ Scheme is simple and straightforward:

  1. Download the most recent ZIP archive file
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file
  3. Follow the documentation, which is also available in the README within the ZIP file

Get Involved

Participate in the forums as the community evolves this project. Whether you are new to Scheme, wondering about specific functionality, experiencing problems or would like to help out, we gladly invite you to join the discussions!


16-Feb-2012 Updated Website

The style of has been updated to provide an all-new look and feel. An updated release of the NexJ Scheme code will be available soon.

2-Feb-2011 New release: NexJ Scheme!

The most recent release of NexJ Scheme is now available, version The most significant feature of this release is support for R6RS.

Also with this release, we have adjusted our release versioning strategy to be inline with the NexJ Application Framework from which some of the supporting utility libraries that NexJ Scheme leverages is based.

Download this new release, read the documentation, and join us in the community forums!

16-Oct-2009 New release: the NexJ Scheme Adapter for Ecore

Now available, the NexJ Scheme Adapter for Ecore allows modelers to use NexJ Scheme as a validation delegate to evaluate business logic encoded directly into their EMF/Ecore models.

To get started, see the NexJ Scheme Adapter for Ecore page.

8-Oct-2009 New open source project: NexJ Scheme!

Today, NexJ Systems is proud to offer the NexJ Scheme engine to the open source community under the terms of the Eclipse Public License (EPL) v1.0.

The launch of is the start of a new project looking to attract the talent, enthusiasm and ideas of the greater Scheme community while also encouraging and enabling non-Scheme programmers to be exposed to the power of the Scheme language.